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[S3E2] The Arcanum Club

The installment was titled "The Arcanum Club," so there has to be more to it. What we see next of Tracy Spiridakos may very well be in flashbacks showing what happened to Annika leading to her dead body floating in the pond. Since her body wasn't overly bloated, she could have been killed at the club. Kevin Rahm was watching a shaded chick have sex at Arcanum. He's not going to be a one andd one character. Chalk him up to the conspiracy!

[S3E2] The Arcanum Club

Norma becomes curious when Annika goes missing, especially after Norman lied about not being with her and Emma stating otherwise. She and Emma investigate Annika's motel room and find an invitation to the Arcanum Club, a gentlemen's club on the outskirts of town.

After being rejected by the man at the gate, Norma infiltrates the club's grounds, only to be caught by Sheriff Romero. She tells him that Annika has gone missing and that Norman was the last person with her, so he offers to look for her. On the way home, Norma mows down the bypass construction sign, which has become a memorial to Lee Berman, with her car, badly wrecking the vehicle's front side.

Sin embargo, cuando todo parece indicar que Norman es el culpable de su desaparición, Norma encuentra una invitación a un selecto club en la habitación de Annika. Selecto, secreto y raro. Después de intentar colarse inútilmente fingiendo ser Annika, Norma se cuela por la fuerza, sin que la vean. El ambiente que hay allí es muy raro y no parece descabellada la idea de que, en efecto, Annika llegara allí y hubiese sido alguien de la fiesta quien la hiciera algo. Lo que ha sido aún más raro ha sido encontrarse a Romero por allí, como un invitado más. Norma estalla y le cuenta que está preocupada por Annika porque lleva un par de días desaparecida y que Norman fue la última persona que la vio así que es posible que Romero se ponga a investigar pero, con el foco puesto, de nuevo sobre Norman. 041b061a72

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