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Rehn De Dila Rehan De Tenu Pyar Mp3 Download

Rehn De Dila Rehan De Tenu Pyar Mp3 Download - A Romantic Punjabi Song by Saini Surinder

If you are looking for a romantic Punjabi song to express your feelings to your loved one, you might want to check out "Rehn De Dila Rehan De Tenu Pyar Mp3 Download" by Saini Surinder. This song is a beautiful melody that captures the pain of unrequited love and the longing for someone who does not reciprocate your feelings. The lyrics of the song are written by Jatinder Rukanpuri and the music is composed by Dr Zeus, who is a renowned producer in the Punjabi music industry. The song features the rap verses of Shortie Little Lox and Fateh, who add some spice to the song with their catchy rhymes.

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The song was released in 2013 by E3UK Records, which is a leading label for Punjabi music in the UK. The song was well received by the audience and critics alike, and became a hit on various music platforms. The song has over 17 million views on YouTube and over 1 million streams on SoundCloud. The song is also available on iTunes and other digital stores for download.

The song is sung by Saini Surinder, who is a talented singer from Punjab. He started his singing career in 2010 with his debut album "Saini Surinder", which was produced by Ravi Bal. He has since collaborated with many famous artists such as Dr Zeus, Gupsy Aujla, DJ Sanj, and more. He is known for his versatile voice and his ability to sing different genres of music such as folk, bhangra, pop, and romantic. Some of his popular songs are "Lok Boliyan", "Gabru Rangeeleh", "Bhangra", and "Mundra".

The video of the song is directed by Digitology (Juggy Dhanjal), who is a creative director and filmmaker based in London. He has worked with many prominent artists such as Jazzy B, Sukshinder Shinda, Jassi Sidhu, and more. He has also directed commercials, documentaries, and short films. The video of the song features Saini Surinder as a heartbroken lover who reminisces about his past relationship with a girl, played by Trina Purewal. The video also shows the rap segments of Shortie Little Lox and Fateh, who are seen in different locations such as a club, a car, and a rooftop.

The song is a perfect choice for anyone who wants to listen to a soothing and emotional Punjabi song that speaks to their heart. The song has a catchy tune, a soulful voice, and meaningful lyrics that will make you feel the emotions of the singer. The song is also suitable for various occasions such as Valentine's Day, anniversaries, weddings, or just a romantic date night. You can download the song from the links below and enjoy it with your partner or yourself.

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